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Underwater Experience

A editora portuguesa Difference Music em colaboração com o Oceanário de Lisboa, está a produzir uma colecção de 5 títulos em DVD com o nome de Underwater Experience.

Title: Underwater Experience 1 - The Global Ocenan
Music by: Various
Gender: Documentary
Format: DVD Digipack
Label: Different Vision
Cat.: DV90002DVD
Ean code: 5605064900027
Released: March 2006
Distribution: Zeeside Consulting

The Global Ocean is the first one due to the general information contained about the oceans, “there's only one Ocean” many biologists say. Here we can learn more about the water world around us in the whole globe.
The Atlantic Ocean, The Pacific Ocean and the The Indian Ocean are the following titles, focusing in the fascinating respective fauna.

The Antarctic Ocean is the 5 th and last title, aproaching proeminent issues as the global warming in it's history, causes and consequences. Local Sea life of this frozen ocean can be seen as well.

The images were shooted with 3 digital cameras, one underwater, all the videos have aproximately one hour lenght.

Each DVD has it's own soundtrack made originally for this videos by Bangguru, Bulllet, Double MP, Fusionlab, Lost and Found and Stolen Beat.

The audio was recorded at 24 bits, mixed and mastered in 5.1 digital dolby surround.
Underwater Experience it's much more than a documentary. It's pure entertainment, discovering, preserving, emotional and educacional.

An empiric journey to the deepest blue.

The Underwater Experience Collection will be translated in 5 languages - Portuguese, English, German, French and Spanish.


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