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Artist: METRÔ
Title: Déjà-vu
Gender: Nova Bossa
Format: CD Slipcase
Label: Different World
Cat.: DW50002CD
Ean Code: 5605064500029
Released: 27.10.2003
Distribution: Zeeside Consulting

After seventeen years without playing together, metrô reunited to make a new record called Déjà Vu. The album comes out on the 20 of October on Difference.

The album was recorded at home with the Pro Tools program and a microphone, with the phone ringing all the time, child’s playing and dogs barking. At family, with piece of mind, calm and serenity.

Twenty themes were recorded during a month, all of them inspired in the lives of the musicians on the last years (between France, Mozambique, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro) and not about, nostalgia of the music that they heard in their childhood, adolescence and youth.

On Déjà Vu tracking list, we can find classical themes from mpb like Mensagem de Amor (Herbert Vianna), Que Nega É Essa? (Jorge Ben), Coração Vagabundo (Caetano Veloso) and Leva Meu Samba (Mestre Athaulpho Alves), just like some pearls of popular American music like Every One Is Wrong But Me (Cahn/Chaplin, best knowned sang by Ella Fitzgerald), Silence (Charlie Haden) and Resemblances (Arto Lindsay).

Déjà Vu by metrô is the record with the appropriate luminosity, to guide us trough the coming Autumn nights.


01. mensagem de amor
02. achei bonito
03. que nega é essa
04. coração vagabundo
05. aquarela do brasil
06. johnny love
07. resemblances
08. missing you
09. rapaz da moda
10. everyone is wrong but me
11. beat acelerado
12. sândalo de dandi
13. leva meu samba
14. silence
15. déjà vu

Bonus tracks:
16. coração vagabundo remix dj vu & maga bo
17. beat acelerado remix bruno leite & gustavo garcia
18. achei bonito remix dj vu
19. déjà vu remix apollo 9


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