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Andrea Revel

Title: Citysong
Gender: Alt Pop / Electrónica
Format: CD
Label: Different City
Cat.: DC60007CD
Ean Code: 5605064600071
Released: 24.10.2005
Distribution: Zeeside Consulting

Country girl meets city girl . Nature meets Industry. Andrea Revel's second LP Citysong "marries her folk-roots side with light electronic beats and atmospherics, for a moody and often intoxicating disc" (The Calgary Sun). Described as "Morcheeba goes to Nashville", this collection of bedroom tapes is "introspective without being indulgent and sophisticated without being standoffish" (The Montreal Gazette), creating a sexy and sometimes melancholic late night listen.

Dedicated to twisting the expectations of a single genre, Andrea has taken folk into the world of playful and sly emotion, from the femme-fatale of the 1920's flapper to the lovelorn and always proper fifties girl. Still keeping to what she knows best, Citysong showcases her trademark finger-style guitar playing, worldly melodies and true-to-the-bone lyrics. Citysong is the latest in a series of collaborations with electronic producer Michael McCann from Behavior Music (FUBAR and It's All Gone Pete Tong).

This Spring Different City picked up 'White Noise' as the first track for their new compilation Stress Free! No Stress Added. Citysong has charted on college and indie radio across Canada and the States. CKUA ranked it among the top 3 Albertan CDs (Fall 2004), and it broke the top ten on CFBX (B.C.), CKMS (Ontario), CKUA (Alberta) and CHSR (New Brunswick). Andrea's music will be featured in the movie Network's original series 'Regenesis', Lifetime Network's 'Zoe Busiek: Wild Card' and Montreal film 'L'Enigme de James Brighton' Fall 2005.
"[Revel] will convince even the staunchest traditionalist that modern technology and old-fashioned balladry can co-exist. Brian Eno would be proud." (Exclaim! Magazine)


01. White Noise
02. Citysong
03. The Past is Never Past
04. Ella
05. Jezebel
06. Story Untold
07. Don't You Forget Me
08. Rainy Day
09. Flapper Jane
10. Circle Game
11. Clandestino

Clandestino is a cover song of the Manu Chao hit.


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