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Favela Funk

Artist: Vários
Gender: Baile Funk / Brazil
Format: CD Digipack
Label: Different World
Cat.: DW50015CD
Ean Code: 5605064500159
Released: 31.10.2005
Distribution: Zeeside Consulting

Welcome to the most exciting underground club scene in the world. In 1989 DJ Marlboro produced the LP Funk Brasil with rapping in Portuguese, and from thereon in, tracks sung in Portuguese were increasingly introduced into the bailes with the result that from the mid-nineties, a Funk DJ's set would consist entirely of material produced in Brazil.

DJ Marlboro is THE funk DJ in Brazil, an originator, award winner and tireless promoter of the scene. He DJ's, produces and hosts the renowned radio show Big Mix in Rio and he has been touring to the best European Clubs. In October, the Miami area sees his debut at the turntables.

A hard-edged dance style of screeching raps and booty-shaking beats, it’s the bastard child of Miami bass music (think “Whoomp! (There It Is)”), which arrived here in the mid-1980s and went native. Dance music has run through the favelas (pronounced fuh-VELL-luh) since the ’70s, when Rio’s first outdoor mega-parties began, playing American soul, disco and funk. These baile [pronounced BYE-lee] funk balls became an established part of Rio’s nightlife, and when DJs like Marlboro started to put out their own records, bailes became the platform for the new sound. Now there are at least a dozen DJ crews with enormous speaker systems putting on more than 100 bailes every weekend. With these parties attracting an estimated 100,000 people per week, funk is the largest youth movement in the country.

Baile funk customizes raw, guttural Miami rhythms with percussive loops of samba drums and a lively and unrelenting Brazilian rapping style. It’s music designed to be played as loud as possible throughout the sweltering tropical night. Recently, however, it has also been finding success in colder climes.

In boutique record stores, adventuresome radio stations and hipster clubs across America and Europe, baile funk has become the dance import du jour, an underground equivalent to Jamaican dancehall’s mainstream invasion. For music fans in constant search of exotic kicks, it’s I Heart the ’80s gone gangsta: a retro-minded hedonism borne of violence, drugs and poverty. Dance artists from Sri Lankan darling M.I.A. to British DJ Fatboy Slim have tapped the genre in their own music.

This compilation features the Beginners A-Z of Baile Funk, courtesy of it’s master DJ Marlboro. From the ’95 “Rap Da Felicidade” to today’s “New Funk”.


01. "Rap da Felicidade" - Cidinho e Doca
02. "Som de Preto" - Amilckar & Chocolate
03. "Feira de Acari" - Força do Rap
04. "Bonde da CDD" - Força do Rap
05. "Kako Kaki" - Tati Quebra Barraco
06. "Tchutchuco Vampiro" - Os Tchutchukos
07. "Tá Ligado" - Os Saradinhas
08. "Bochecha Ardendo" - Os K-rrascos & Vanessinha do Picatchu
09. "Muleque Bolado" - Bonde Neurose
10. "Cachorro" - Mr. Catra
11. "Tigrão do Big Mix" - Bonde do Tigrão
12. "Chapa Quente" - Os Tchutchucos
13. "Beijo Na Bochecha" - Bonde do Tigrão
14. "Um Katuque" - Amilcka & Chocolate
15. "Funk das Favelas" - MC Gallo
16. "Bate Bum" - Ganga Jump
17. "New Funk" - Jah Mai


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