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Quebra Costas

Artist: Various
Title: QUEBRA COSTAS Jazz & Beats
Gender: Jazz / Electronica
Format: CD Digipack
Label: Different City
Cat.: DC60003CD
Ean Code: 5605064600033
Released: 16.06.2004
Distribution: Zeeside Consulting

We always return to the things we love. To people, books, films, pictures, music and places.
In Coimbra , an ancient city of old places, there's one place to which we always return.

At Quebra-Costas, pleasures have been discovered and renewed for twenty years.

There are canvases full of hope and others empty of enchantment, images of mechanical lens and others of enlightened exchanges.

There are sober conversations, flowing drinks and the sound that embraces even the most reserved of characters.
Here the music can be like you, young and irreverent or vintage and cool, or all of this at once, but always unique.

Jazz as the place reserved in history where the hint of electronic supports a plot that evolves unhindered according to the variety of desires shown in this place. The outcome, which as yet is unknown, will surely be a happy one. Until then, the script is unwritten and the casting is open.

In this record we can find only some of the music which has made the history of this bar for twenty years … and as there are passions difficult to explain, you will definitely have to discover all the rest here, in Quebra-Costas.


01. Yonderboi – Cantaloupe Island (interlude)
02. Trine-Lise Væring – My favourite things
03. Jazz at the Pawnshop 2 – High life (take 2)
04. Doctor Rockit – Veselka's diner
05. Andrew J & Kaltenecker - Metamoph
06. Fila Brazillia - Bumblehaun
07. Digital South - Elas
08. Chari Chari – Flow dub outta Vienna ( Madrid de los Austrias dub)
09. Painè – Always ready
10. Dublex Inc. – Tango forte (original mix)
11. ElbtonalPecussion feat. Chritopher Dell – ognoB gnoS
12. Re:jazz – Release your mind (Swell session remix)
13. dZihan & Kamien - Smile


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