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Amália Revisited

Artist: Various
Title: AMÁLIA Revisited
Gender: Worldbeat
Format: CD Digipack
Label: Different World
Cat.: DW50009CD
Ean Code: 5605064500098
Released: 07.02.2005
Distribution: Zeeside Consulting

"Amália revisited" gathers some of the most representative talents of the fresher Portuguese scene.

Amália Rodrigues is the worldwide recognized ambassadress of the Portuguese cultural treasure: Fado. 5 years after her departure, the cream of the contemporary Portuguese language spoken music artists have accepted the noble invitation to revisit the songs that made Amália the great legend she is.

Through 15 songs, this homage to the Queen Of Fado takes the listener on a sound voyage from hip hop, pop, soul to electronic music. The link between all of them is Amália, our greatest Diva (that as been used as a reference to artists such as Bjork, Goldfrapp and Lhasa de Sela).

With two exceptions, the full album is a remake of the most famous themes sang by Amália. Each project made their one reading of the original song and the final result is a beautiful, soulful and exquisite record, enriched by the two specially produced tracks by the main hip hop Portuguese artist - Sam the Kid - and by the members of one of the most original local acts - Blasted Mechanism, hereunder signed as Kandoo. The other side of Atlantic - Brazil - is here represented by the fine adaptation of “Meu Amor, Meu Amor” by Metrô.


01. Bulllet feat. Liana - Cansaço
02. Alex Fx feat. Marta Bernardes - Sabe-se lá
03. Cool Hipnoise - Flor de Lua (Wet Moon version)
04. Fusionlab feat. Kalaf - Havemos de ir a Viana
05. Sam The Kid - Ethos
06. Ka§par & Rui Murka feat. Melo D - Vou dar de beber a dor (Antidote version)
07. João Pedro Coimbra feat. Ana Deus - Medo (Susto)
08. Donna Maria - Foi Deus
09. Lisbon City Rockers feat. Margarida Pinto - Estranha forma de vida (R-Form)
10. Mr. Tea feat. Orlanda - Barco Negro
11. JC Loops feat. Ana Laíns - Povo Que Lavas no Rio
12. Yoda feat. Ana Vieira - Lágrima (Tears for Amália mix)
13. Maria João Branco - Amália, quis Deus que fosse o meu nome
14. Metrô - Meu amor, meu amor
15. Kandoo - N’ Canunhô


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