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Africa Crioula

Artist: Various
Title: AFRICA CRIOULA Vol.1 (Original recordings from the 60’s and 70’s previously unreleased in CD)
Gender: World / Africa
Format: CD Digipack
Label: Different World
Cat.: DW50016CD
Ean Code: 5605064500166
Released: 16.01.2006
Distribution: Zeeside Consulting

Africa Crioula is a journey through the most creative years of Angola. All these recordings were made at V.C. Studios in Luanda, from 1965 up until 1975.
These are original recordings, previously unreleased in CD and available for the first time now in this digitally mastered collection.

This music was something unique for it's time, and later it was spread throughout the world and gave form to many other genres. Most of these artists were originally from Angola, and due to the difficult period of the independency war in the country at the time, some of them emigrated throughout the five continents, taking their own culture and music in the luggage, others (as Sofia Rosa) were killed later for political reasons during the civil war, and some others became major local artists as Elias Dia Kimuezo, today with nearly 70 years old.

Africa Crioula is a multilingual musical expression in Angola. Today, the locals still speak dozens of different dialects, although Portuguese is the official language.

Africa Crioula discovers some of the hidden treasures of Angola from one of the finest creative periods of the country.

”The airy fretwork and reggae-styled basslines by Sofia Rosa (...) are tied to each other by the same longing themes of freedom and hope. Fans of Johnny Clegg and the non-Ladysmith Black Mambazo tracks on Paul Simon's Graceland will be fascinated to hear the roots of those sounds which sound very much alive decades later.”
By Zac Johnson, All Music Guide


01. Mário Silva - Bossa do violão
02. Muhong - Falsos Amigos
03. Luís Maria - Merengue banga sumo
04. Chico Montenegro - N'Golo danza
05. Artur Adriano - Kalunga
06. Elias Dia Kimuezo - Diala monzo
07. Santos Júnior - Madalena
08. Kibonga dos Santos - Encontro com Mulogi
09. Campos Neto - Ukala uiala
10. Sofia Rosa - Nogónogó za me
11. Rei Massano - Papá uá fuá
12. António Manuel - Zenumakamba mamo
13. Zé do Pau - Va Diama
14. Drás Firmino - Ufeko ndisole
15. Quim dos Santos - Etu tuana'ngola
16. Augusto Adriano - Muvo obe
17. Rui Planeta - N'Gama ku Diulu
18. Dito - N'Gila ia Mulogi
19. Ferreira do Nascimento - Ilumba in maçanha
20. Africa Show73 - Kazukuta bia joffre


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