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Artist: LENNON
Title: I Am
Format: 2CD
Label: Different Star
Cat.: DS80001DCD
Ean Code: 5605064800013
Released: 31.01.2005
Distribution: Zeeside Consulting

How does one sum up the life of 22-year-old female rock artist Lennon Murphy? Do you start with the death of her only parent at the age of 18, the two year successful battle for adoption of her 10 year old sister, the release of her debut album on tragic Sept. 11, 2001 her departure from Arista Records due to internal problems, and give into the poor little girl tale that every article in her press book leaves you pondering; or do you look past the story, look past the sexual imagery, and discover Lennon in the honesty of her music. On Lennon’s sophomore album I Am, honesty is exactly what you’ll find. In an industry of disposable artists and catchy jingles, Lennon’s latest release reminds one of a time when it used to be about the songs and nothing more.

After a year and an half of extended touring for her Arista debut album 5:30 Saturday Morning, Lennon decided in the summer of 2002 to go back to work on a follow up disc, this time without the backing of a major label. “I wanted a career as a rock act, an album I could be proud of” she says, “staying with Arista I really didn’t see that happening”. Enlisting the help of famed Kid Rock producer, Al Sutton, Lennon set upon the work of making an album in Orlando, FL with the intention of releasing it herself. “In an industry where you have four weeks to hit and then they move on to the next thing, a career is the last thing corporate America is considering. By putting this new album out through my own company, I want to give myself the chance of still being around in 10 years” she states.

From self-proclamations in such songs as “Rain” and “Nothing Out of Me”, one can’t ignore the lies Lennon so candidly preaches about or the truth so many hide. A more guitar driven album than the first “Down the Line” and “Reason” still incorporate haunting loops of industrial heritage; as well as, remaining a storyteller in “Another for Another”. Lennon did not stray from the originality of 5:30 Saturday Morning but advanced her sound to the next level with I Am.

After two years of extensive touring with such acts as The Cult, Alice Cooper, Drowning Pool, Otep, Mushroomhead, as well as many others, Lennon’s goal is to release her latest album on her own terms and her own dime. “While building a devoted fan base on the road I’ve talked to the consumers, I’ve talked to radio, I’ve been out there and know what people want; most record execs never leave their office” she remarks. From playing small clubs to arenas, over 250 shows later Lennon still sites “that playing live is still her one true love”. Lennon finished the end of last year with a headlining tour of the entire United States without tour support or industry help; just another sign of determination which in the end brought her into a lot of contact with radio stations as well as new Lennon fans all offering support towards her forthcoming album. “I just want to play; I’m not trying to prove a point as a female rock artist, I want people to take the music for what it is and nothing else”.

I Am is exactly what Lennon is all about: no sugar coated image, no industry approved context, just a pure unadulterated rock album. 5:30 Saturday Morning woke people up to an artist that wasn’t afraid to say or be herself in a male dominated industry.
I Am will without a doubt confirm this self proclaimed anthem.

From Nashville to a bus, from major to her own indie, Lennon is definitely headed down the road less traveled by but with I Am in her and everyone’s future the destination will definitely be worth the journey.


01. My Beautiful (Featuring Travis Meeks)
02. Brake Of Your Car
03. One Or The Other
04. Nothing Out Of Me
05. Goodbye
06. Down The Line
07. The Long Run
08. Rain
09. Reason
10. No One Kno


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